AeroAnalysis was founded in June 2015 and commenced operation in July 2015. In 2013 AeroAnalysis started publishing its work on investing research platform SeekingAlpha, primarily covering the aerospace industry from a unique angle, combining knowledge about investing and aerospace products into unique write-ups that spark healthy discussions and give meaningful insight to investors.

AeroAnalysis remains active on SeekingAlpha and acknowledges the valuable contribution the platform delivers to investors and contributors. The AeroAnalysis portal has been established to expand current  services and increasing reach, fitting the growth profile and desired service structure. 

Next to the work on SeekingAlpha, AeroAnalysis aims to bring you:

  • High quality news
  • Special coverage of events (such as airshows)
  • Investing ideas
  • Premium services

So it is evident that AeroAnalysis is much more than ‘just another’ news portal. Combined with the work offered on SeekingAlpha, AeronAnalysis lays out and opens up opportunities for its readers.

AeroAnalysis is based on a healthy mix of our 3 strongest pillars:




Investing Ideas

Investing ideas give a nice insight on whether you should or should not buy a stock. Key to good investing ideas are analysis and expertise. AeroAnalysis publishes its fundamental driven investing ideas on SeekingAlpha.


Expertise probably is most important. There is no point in analysing, if you do not know what you are talking or writing about nor is it possible to create credible models on which the analysis is based. AeroAnalysis is experienced in the field of aerospace and investing.


Covering stocks or engineering products, backed up by numbers is important. It is, however, not about presenting as much numbers as possible. Using models, built relying on expertise in the field, it is key to analyse and present the most important metrics to the reader. The analyses performed by AeroAnalysis not only aim to bring highly accurate results, but also aim to bring a big set of data and variables back to a few useful characteristics.