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The AeroFuel and Cost model is a multi-functional model developed by AeroAnalysis that links aircraft characteristics to fuel consumption, using a few more input parameters a cost analysis can be made for a certain mission flight.

Fuel model

The fuel model connects weight, passenger count, cruise velocity, propulsive efficiency and aerodynamic efficiency to fuel consumption and is set up in a way such that comparison between 2 aircraft can easily be made. Additionally, some inputs can be altered to make the model fit for most aircraft without affecting the credibility of the comparison. The model also incorporates winds and reserve fuel.

Strength of the fuel model:

  1. Connect aircraft characteristics to fuel consumptions
  2. Expandable to turn the fuel model into a cost model
  3. Incorporate winds and reserve fuel
  4. Model can be made fitting for each aircraft

Example Visual Presentation Fuel Consumption Estimate

Example Visual Presentation Fuel Consumption Estimate

Cost analysis

Fuel costs account for a big portion of the total costs, but there are a lot of other costs such as crew costs, maintenance costs and landing and navigation fees. Additionally, depreciation of the aircraft (in case of purchase) or lease rates (in case of lease) and insurance rates are modeled as well. The cost analysis tool gives the possibility to compare aircraft for a particular mission flight, but can also be used to compare costs and profitability of flights for different airlines.

Multi-functional tool

The tool serves as an analysis tool that can be used to estimate fuel consumption and other costs.

The AeroFuel and Cost model is a tool that allows the user to do the following:

  1. Analyze fuel consumption for a single aircraft
  2. Compare fuel consumption for various aircraft
  3. Analyze costs and profitability for a single aircraft
  4. Compare costs and profitability for various aircraft

It has to be noted that although the model can put out accurate results, the accuracy depends on the input values chosen by the user. Therefore AeroAnalysis offers extended assistance for AeroBusiness members.