AeroAnalysis on the Indian aircraft market

Market_IndiaRecently Boeing (NYSE:BA) has increased its market forecast for the Indian market. The most recent increased forecast comes after increasing the forecast in 2014 as well.

AeroAnalysis did an analysis and concluded the following:

  • On the narrow body market, Airbus is leading and Boeing will have a hard time maintaining market share, but could be helped by a mega order from SpiceJet. A threat to Boeing’s market share could be Air Asia India that commenced operations with an all-Airbus fleet a year ago and is currently trying to penetrate the market.
  • Although one of the biggest customers for Boeing’s wide bodies is currently struggling with its long haul operations, Boeing is leading on the wide body market.
  • Since Airbus discounts its airframes a bit more than Boeing does, Boeing probably will be leading in terms of dollar value by several percentage points. Airbus probably will be leading in terms of units.

For Boeing to benefit from the rising forecasts and maintain a comfortable market share, it is key for the jet maker to market its Boeing 737MAX for the domestic market and the long haul operations of Indian airlines have to show a more robust growth.

The full analysis can be read on SeekingAlpha.

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