The Boeing 737 MAX 10: A Basic Answer To Airbus

According to CNN Money Boeing (NYSE:BA) has started pitching the Boeing 737 MAX 10 to customers. Boeing and potential customers have declined to comment on a Boeing 737 MAX launch. A Boeing spokesperson stated that they are still working through the business case of the MAX 10 with customers.

In an article that has been published on Seeking Alpha, AeroAnalysis had a look at the Boeing 737 MAX 10 as it is proposed now and concluded the following:

The Boeing 737 MAX 10 as it is proposed to customers will be brought to the market to have at least something to offer in a timely fashion (by 2020). Going for a heavily enhanced Boeing 737 MAX 10 ( a 4 meter stretch in combination with new turbofans), would lead to higher costs and longer certification times.

With the new aircraft Boeing wants to appeal to customers such as Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines, Lion Air and is likely to target some Chinese customers as well. Additionally a MAX 10, even if not a commercial success, can significantly pressure pricing of the Airbus A321neo.

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