Boeing Reaches Big Agreement With Iran

The Boeing Company and Iran have reached an agreement on the purchase of Boeing aircraft, said Abbas Akhoundi, the Iranian minister of roads and urban development. At this time no details about the number of aircraft, aircraft types or values are known. Iran


The minister said an announcement will be made in the coming days. Boeing is not likely to comment before that. In April Boeing started negoatiations after receiving a marketing license from the Commerce Department. This allowed the US jet maker to start negotiations with Iran. Any tentative sales agreement is subject to government approval.

Iran Order composition

Currently nothing is known about the order composition. AeroAnalysis expects the deal to be a mix of current and next generation narrow and widebody aircraft including around 30 Boeing 737s, 30-40 Boeing 777s (Classic and X) and 15-20 Boeing 787s. Any deal with Iran, would be good for Boeing gaining market share in a new market that will grow rapidly in the coming years. Interesting to know is the number of Boeing 777s that Boeing will sell to Iran in an effort to bridge the production gap it is facing.

Following Airbus

Earlier this year Airbus and Iran inked a deal for the purchase of 118 aircraft. According to Dennis Muilenberg, CEO of The Boeing Company, the market space is roughly 50/50 divided between Boeing and Airbus, where each jet maker could gain a or lose a few percentage points in market share. This means that Boeing’s deal with Iran is likely to be in the range of 100-120 aircraft

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