Boeing No Longer Only Player To Replace Delta’s Aging 757s

757Since Boeing still has been undecided on bringing a MoM aircraft on the market and Airbus has brought the Airbus A321neo LR, looking at how airlines are currently replacing the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767s is interesting.

Delta Air Lines initially ordered the Boeing 737-900ER to replace some of the Boeing 767s and Boeing 757-200s, but recently also welcomed the Airbus A321ceo to the fleet. Although AeroAnalysis¬†not view either of them as the¬†real MoM aircraft as they lack some range, it is still interesting to see how these aircraft will be utilized in Delta’s fleet.

Boeing 737-900ER

Delta Air Lines has ordered a total of 120 aircraft to replace the Boeing 757-200 on domestic routes and the Boeing 767-300. The first batch of 100 aircraft was ordered in Augustus 2011, followed by a smaller batch of 20 aircraft in December 2015. Out of these 120 aircraft, 56 already have been delivered. This means that 64 units (more than half of the total order) still has to be delivered.

Airbus A321ceo

Delta recently took delivery of its first Airbus A321ceo and now has a total of 79 A321ceo aircraft that still need to be delivered out of a total of 82 aircraft. In 2013 Delta ordered 30 A321s, followed by another 15 in 2014 and the latest order for 37 aircraft was placed in 2016.


Over the last few years Delta has placed several big orders in an effort to not only grow but also rejuvenate the fleet.


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