Boeing’s Orders And Deliveries In January 2016


In 2015, AeroAnalysis started the monthly wrap ups of orders and deliveries of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. In 2016, AeroAnalysis will continue this series of articles. Despite the month of January having passed quite a while ago, an article will still  be dedicated to Boeing’s orders and deliveries in January in order to keep a complete overview for the entire year.

The full article can be read here. A summary of the orders and deliveries:

Boeing Orders January 2016

Boeing Deliveries January 2016


> Order inflow was boosted by an order for the Boeing 737-700 and the Boeing 737-800, which accounted for 60 out of the 68 orders

> Deliveries were in line with expectations.

> So far, Boeing managed to realize a book-to-bill ratio in excess of 1, but with 11 months remaining a lot can happen.


In 2015, Boeing achieved its book-to-bill target at the very last moment. Despite lower anticipated deliveries in 2016, I expect Boeing to be facing a major challenge to achieve its book-to-bill target. In April 2015, I published an article in which I said that the order books of jet makers are not bubbles, but should decline at some point. In that article, I shared my thoughts and expected order inflow to decline in a few years from now. With oil prices having declined ever since, chances are the order books will decline sooner than I expected at first. With Boeing just barely meeting its target last year, 2016 might be the year in which Boeing will not achieve its book-to-bill ratio. This, however, is not necessarily a bad thing although a lot of investors and analysts might think so.


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