The Boeing Company Rolls Out 737 MAX 9

On Tuesday, the 7th of March, Boeing has rolled out the first 737 MAX 9. The first flight is expected to take place in May.

737 MAX 9: Same range, higher capacity

The Boeing 737 MAX 9 is a stretched version of the Boeing 737 MAX 9 with a range capability of 3,515 nmi. The aircraft seats 180 to 220 passengers, accomodating 18 seats or 3 extra rows in the 2.7 meter longer fuselage.

Out of the 3,449 orders, 418 orders are for the Boeing 737 MAX 9. Among the biggest customers are United Airlines with 100 orders and Lion Air with 301 orders. Combined, both customers account for 75% of all sales for the 9.

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