Closure Brussels Airport puts pressure on regional airports


Following the attacks of 22nd of March the main airport of Belgium, Brussels Airport, has been closed down due to serious damage of thedeparture building. Additionally starting up an airport is a rather complex process.

The closure has put pressure on the regional airports of Brussels and is expected to continue for at least another week as airlines rescheduled flights operated to and From Brussels.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport has received over 140,000 passengers in the first 6 days after the attack while the travel figures suggest 93,000 passengers would be common.

Liege Airport served between 40,000 and 50,000 passengers almost doubling the 2015 monthly average.

The airport of Antwerp reached its limit of 40 commercial flights per day, but this limit will be increased to 58 flights per day.

It will likely take days after re-opening before operations will normalize. With the main carriers operating from Brussels re-routing their flights Brussels Airport is losing about €10 mln per closed day:

Ryanair will operate flights scheduled to depart or land in Brussels Zaventem to be operated from Brussels South Charleroi Airport.


Brussels Airlines is currently using Liege Airport and Antwerp for their short haul operations. For the long haul operations Frankfurt and Zürich are being used.


JetairFly moved all its operation to Ostend Airport until the 10th of April


Flights from Thomas Cook are operated from Liege Airport until the 11th of April


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