Day 3 At Paris Air Show: Tranquil Day In Sunny Paris

Day 3 really was nobody’s day, together all jet makers secured 74 orders and commitments for commercial products. After the fireworks of the first two days, day 3 shows order inflow below what we are used to for a third day on an air show and this is likely the kind of days that analysts were expecting for all four days of the air show. After day 3, Boeing is in the lead, but I can’t imagine Airbus not having anything big up its sleeve.

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Figure 1: Order overview Day 3 Paris Air Show 2017 (Source:AeroAnalysis)

Also for Boeing there should be the possibility to firm some leads, since none of the leads AeroAnalysis tipped in an earlier article have been firmed.

Important to note is that while a soft order inflow was expected for the Paris Air Show, orders and commitments currently are already exceeding the order inflow of the Farnborough Airshow in 2016, but are likely to fall short of the business secured at the 2015 Paris Air Show.

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