The Delta CSeries Order: More Than Just An Order

CS300Bombardier confirmed it reached an agreement with Delta Air Lines regarding the purchase of 75 CSeries aircraft. In a previous piece AeroAnalysis already concluded that it was likely Bombardier would walk away from the negotiation table with a new order in its books. In this article AeroAnalysis has a look at the order book and look why this order was important or so much more important than most other orders.

CSeries Order division by customer

Figure 1: CSeries orders sorted by customer (Source: AeroAnalysis)

Figure 1: CSeries orders sorted by customer (Source: AeroAnalysis)

From Figure 1 it can be seen that the CSeries had not yet received any order from some of the bigger companies. The Lufthansa group  (via Swiss (Global) Air Lines was the only major airline group that ordered the Bombardier’s next generation aircraft. The order means that Bombardier is receiving backing from one of the biggest airlines around. This shows confidence in the program, which had been coping with delay after delay.

Not only the customer is important, but also the order size. Delta Air Lines bought 75 airframes…

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