Iran Where Are You? Boeing Needs You…

Boeing IranSince sanctions against Iran have been lifted mega-orders were expected. So far only Airbus was able to secure a deal. Boeing could not start negotiations with yet, since it did not have permission to do so at that time.

Since it received permission to negotiate in February, Boeing has started negotiations in April and offered 3 models to Iran. No deal has been made yet, but it is widely expected that Iran will order Boeing aircraft in the near future.

Iran stated that it would buy 80-90 aircraft from both manufacturers. Currently Congressmen are trying to prevent Boeing from making a deal. In this article AeroAnalysis will explain why Boeing actually is in dire need for this deal.

Boeing 737

Boeing currently anticipates lower 737 deliveries for 2016 due to the transition to the MAX. It is, however, more likely that Boeing has been coping with a gap in 737NG production for 2016. If a deal is reached…

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