What Is The Market Value Of A Dreamliner?

Market Value Dreamliner

As part of a study to Boeing’s ability to zero out deferred costs on the Boeing 787 program AeroAnalysis has put effort in obtaining a revenue estimate for the Boeing 787.

List price Dreamliner

Before getting to the market value it is important to know the list prices of the airframes and realize that airlines usually get around 50% in standard discounts.

Table 1: List prices 2015 for the Boeing 787

A 50% discount would imply a market value of $112.3 million for the Boeing 787-8, $132.3 million for the Boeing 787-9 and $153.1 million for the Boeing 787-10. The 50% discount is a rule of thumb, the actual market values are a few percentage points higher (lower discounts).

Market value Dreamliner

AeroAnalysis estimated the following discounts for the Boeing 787. For convenience a heavy discount and 50% discount value are given for each aircraft as well.

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