MD-11 Nose Gear Collapses After Rejected Take-Off

An MD-11 operated by UPS suffered a nose gear collapse after a rejected take-off on Monday the 6th of June at Seoul Incheon International Airport. Flight UPS61 was operating a flight between Seoul and Anchorage with 4 crew on board when it had to perform a high speed rejected take-off.  The airplane overran the runway by 350m and suffered a nose gear collapse causing severe damage to the engines as well as the fuselage.


After the accident, which occurred on runway 33L the airport remained in operation via its 2 remaining runways.

About the MD-11

The MD-11 has been out of production for years and the only airlines operating the aircraft are cargo airlines. UPS currently operates 38 MD-11 aircraft. A write-off of the aircraft involved in the accident is likely going to bring down this number to 37.

The aircraft involved in the incident was registered as N277UP and was delivered to Japan Airlines in 1995 and delivered to UPS in November 2004.

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