No Growth For Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Ron Louwerse, director of Rotterdam The Hague Airport, has said the passenger volume of the airport will not increase this year. Growth of the  airport has been flattening in recent years and will come to an end this year.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Capacity and growth Rotterdam The Hague Airport

In 2015 the airport processed almost 1.7 million passengers, a modest increase of 0.3% year-over-year. The expected decline has to do with Turkish Airlines leaving the airport. The Turkish carrier is facing tough times due to terrorism in Turkey and the country’s political instability.

Also VLM Airlines which operated flights between Rotterdam and Hamburg has left the airport after filing for bankruptcy.

The airport is expected to welcome 1.65 million passengers in 2016, a 3% decline. Within the current regulatations the airport has space to grow less than 10%. To grow beyond that 10% an increase in allowed number of aircraft movements is required as well as a expansion of the terminal and facilities.

On the long term the airport wants to grow to a capacity of 2.5 million passengers.

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