Nordwind Airlines May Fly To New York

Russian Nordwind Airlines has received permission to operate flights between New York and Moscow. The airline is replacing Transaero, which went bankrupt in 2007.

Nordwind Airlines

Nordwind Airlines is allowed to operate the route 7 times a week. Relative to Aeroflot and defunct Transaero Nordwind Airlines is a small airline. The airline was founded in 2008 and transitioned from charter flights to a scheduled network in 2014.

The airline once had ambitious fleet plans, which would make the airline almost as big as Transaero at the time it filed for bankruptcy. Due to the challenging market environment these ambitions have not materialized.

The airline currently has a fleet of 20 aircraft, all of which have been leased. The airline leased 8 Airbus A321 aircraft, 5 Boeing 737-800 airframes, 4 Boeing 767-300ER aircraft and 3 Boeing 777-200ER airframes.


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