Next to offering high quality analyses that is available for everybody. AeroAnalysis also offers Premium services which grants members exclusive access to our databases, extensive studies and files.

AeroAnalysis also offers tailored advice and consultancy for businesses.

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Receive exclusive access to performance data, fuel consumption models and a detailed order tracker
Internal database for turbofan data
Internal database for aircraft weight
Access to our fuel consumption model
On-demand mission profile calculations
Access to features that will be offered in the future
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With our expertise and thorough reach AeroAnalysis could help lifting your business
Access to internal databases
Assistance for our fuel consumption model
Research and consultancy possibilities
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The AeroAviation subscription focuses on providing data that normally is proprietary and greatly eases the process of analyzing aircraft and engines and gives a unique insight.

AeroAnalysis grants access to its aircraft weight database covering weight data for about 100 aircraft and performance data for over 80 prominent turbofans on the market, which can ease the process of analyzing.

Next to offering access to our propietary databases, AeroAnalysis also offers on-demand analysis for the aircraft in our database. This on-demand service is limited to 2 requests per month. If preferred the fuel consumption model that was developed by AeroAnalysis, based on the Breguet range equations, is available as well.

The AeroAviation subscription gives you exclusive access to data and tools that should assist you in making fuel/cost analyses and ease research efforts.


The AeroBusiness program focuses on aiding companies in doing research for investing ideas, providing investing ideas and offers in-depth analysis of aerospace products and companies. Next to aiding companies in doing their own research, AeroAnalysis also offers the possibility to conduct research on your behalf or in cooperation with your company. The research carried out by AeroAnalysis can help your business making better stock investment decisions or aid you in performing research. 

The AeroBusiness Premium program offers you the best we have: Our knowledge in the areas of aerospace products, finance and analysis. The  programoffers consultancy and research possibilities that can add to investment decisions  or can add expertise to your research or research AeroAnalysis can conduct on your behalf.