Qantas places order for Boeing 787 Dreamliner


Qantas has placed an order for 8 Boeing 787-9 valued $2.06 bn at list prices, worth approximately $1 bn after standard discounts. Three years ago Qantas cancelled an order for 35 Dreamliners, which was the biggest order cancellation for the Dreamliner program. The cancellation was the result of pressure on Qantas’ long haul operations and delivery delays. Despite the order cancellation Qantas kept 50 options for the Dreamliner.

Dreamliner backbone for long haul operations

Qantas ordered the Boeing 787-9 to replace some Boeing 747-400 aircraft starting in 2017. The Boeing 787-9 will be equipped with  about 250 seats, which is about 100 seats less than the capacity on board of the 747. So thhe Dreamliner order also shows a change in strategy, where frequency rather than capacity is preferred.

Next to a change in strategy the Boeing 787 will also open up possibilities for routes that previously could not be served by the Boeing 747

The Australian carrier holds 30 purchase rights and 15 options for the Boeing 787. The airline considered the Airbus A350 for its long haul operations, but eventually favoured the Boeing 787.

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