One of the targets of AeroAnalysis is to reach a broader audience. Besides bringing the reader news, the portal will also share excerpts of investing ideas that are worth a read.

Seeking Alpha, a crowd sources investing ideas platform, deserves a special mention as it is a platform with a high quality standard and opens up opportunities for investors, readers and contributors and the advice provided by contributors is known to outperform the stock markets.

AeroAnalysis is actively contributing on Seeking Alpha, providing insightful analyses on stocks, market outlooks and products. While focus lies on aerospace companies, Dutch stocks and dividends stocks are covered as well.

A few reasons to follow AeroAnalysis on Seeking Alpha:

  • Recognized contributor
    With over 300 articles and ranking #1 in the category Industrial Goods, AeroAnalysis has a fast growing number of articles that are freely available.
  • Broad reader base
    The work published by AeroAnalysis has accumulated almost 2 million views in total and attracts almost 1 million views per year. The reader base is a mix of investors, industry professionals and aviation enthousiasts
  • Active engagement with readers
    With over 1600 comments AeroAnalysis actively engages in the thoughtful discussions that arise in the comment section of articles.
  • Over 1700 Subscribers
    Over 1700 people follow our article publications on SeekingAlpha...
    a figure that underwrites the quality of our analyses