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Commented on $BA - Boeing 777X Wins Order https://t.co/ojgfem3GkX

Is a new Leap teething issue emerging? @SouthwestAir and @AmericanAir have been inspecting grounded #737Max for "coking." @Schlangenstein has the #scoop. https://t.co/RjkAD9XM0B

🚀 https://t.co/HKx2JwbNkS
DPBechai photo
Brady Kenniston @TheFavoritist
Liftoff of Antares powered by two RD-181 engines! This shot is so sharp you can read the Cyrillic!

View the full launch gallery and support NASASpaceflight by subscribing to L2: https://t.co/L6dqGrZmb6 https://t.co/l6qJu6rxpg

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