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Airbus has remained silent on the launch of a much awaited Airbus A350 stretch. On its Investors Days, Airbus has said no groundbreaking things about a possible launch of a stretched A350.

Stretched A350The jet maker, by  words of Fabrice Brégier, pointed out that such an announcement on this year’s Farnborough Air Show would be very optimistic. These words do not mean that Airbus is discontinuing demand studies or definitely shelving the stretch, but does try to lower momentum regarding  a stretch a bit.

John Leahy also added that they will not be taking the Boeing-route by simply stretching a popular aircraft.

Also for the A380 there seems no major announcement coming up any time soon. Airbus currently has its hands full with meeting delivery schedules for the Airbus A320neo and Airbus A350. Both aircraft are coping with issues varying from supply chain issues to performance issues.