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The Boeing 777X is the successor of the Boeing 777 Classic. Relying on the success of the Boeing 777 Classic and some of the technologies implemented on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing is bringing a new aircraft to the market that should be able to compete with the Airbus A350.

The first details of the Boeing 777X were published in 2011, but Boeing would hold off a launch until the Dubai Airshow in 2013. With 259 orders and commitments and a value of $95B the launch became the most succesful launch of a commercial jet in terms of dollar value.

The Boeing 777X currently is a 2 aircraft family, but Boeing is exploring opportunities to bring a stretch to the market as well, which can compete more effectively with a further stretch of the Airbus A350, the Airbus A380 and replace the Boeing 747-8I eventually. The Boeing 777-8 is the ulta-long range aircraft of the -X family and surpasses the Boeing 777-200LR in terms of capacity as well as range.  The Boeing 777-9 aims to replace the Boeing 777-300ER, but just like the Boeing 777-8 does have a higher capacity as well as range. A further stretch, the Boeing 777-10X, is still subject of talks with airlines but should carry around 450 passengers.


Key to Boeing’s ability to increase range as well as capacity was the use of a carbon fiber polymer wing with a bigger span, thereby reducing specific weight and increasing aerodynamic efficiency.

The General Electric GE9X propulsion system became 5% more efficient compared to its predecessor, the GE90-115 and has been developed from the GEnx engines that power the Boeing 787. 

The engine features less fanblades to cut weight and makes use of advanced materials, allowing the engine to operate more efficiently. 

Key drivers efficiency







Using the AeroAnalysis Fuel Consumption and Cost model, we estimate that the Boeing 777-300ER equipped with 396 seats will burn 2.76L per 100 passenger-km on  a 6,000nm trip compared to 2.41L per 100 passenger-km for the Boeing 777-9. On a per seat basis this is an improvement of almost 13%. In terms of total fuel burn the Boeing 777X is expected to burn 6%-7% less (Calculations are made with the earliest known seat capacity of 425 seats for the Boeing 777-9).

Orders and Deliveries







Etihad Airways
Cathay Pacific
Qatar Airways
All Nipon Airways
Singapore Airlines


ModelBoeing 777-8Boeing 777-9
Cockpit crew2
Length [m]69.876.7
Unfolded wingspan [m]71.8
Folded wingspan [m]64.8
Tail height [m]19.519.7
Cabin width [m]5.96 
Seat width [in]18
Fuselage width [m]6.20
Maximum takeoff weight [kg]351,534
Maximum landing weight [kg]TBD266,528
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight [kg]TBD254,918
Operating empty weight [kg]TBD184,600
Manufacturer empty weight [kg]TBDTBD
Maximum range [nmi]8,700 7,600 
Service ceiling [ft]43,100 
Engine (×2)General Electric GE9X
Thrust (×2) [kN]470 kN
Boeing Reveals General Characteristics 777X
GE dicloses study on GE9X

GE discloses study on the GE9X sporting a smaller engine diameter compared to the GE-90-115.

GE9X selected as exclusive powerplant for 777X

GE’s GE9X has been selected as the exclusive powerplant for the Boeing 777X, winning from Rolls Royce’s RB3025 concept and PW’s geared turbo fan concept.

Boeing 777X offered to customers

Boeing’s board of directors gives formal permission for its Commercial Airplanes division to start offering the 777X to customers.

GE increases fan diameter GE9X

On concerns that the 777X will be underpowered GE increases the fan diameter of the GE9X engines by 3.5 inches to 132 inches.

Boeing Announces Supporting Facilities

Boeing announced that its U.S. facilities in Charleston, Huntsville, Long Beach, Philadelphia, and St. Louis as well as Russian facilities in Moscow would support the 777X design effort.

Boeing 777X launches with commercial record at the Dubai Airshow

Boeing officially launched the 777X at the 2013 Dubai Airshow in November 2013, announcing a total of 259 orders and commitments worth more than US$95 billion.

Boeing selects Héroux-Devtek as landing gear supplier

Héroux-Devtek will be manufacturering the landing gear systems for the Boeing 777X through 2028.

GE hikes fan diameter once again

In June 2014 GE increases the fan diameter once again to 134 inches and increases the thrust specification from 450 kN to 470 kN.

Boeing Breaks Ground on 777X Wing Center
Boeing breaks ground for new St. Louis facility

The expansion will create about 700 new jobs. The facility will feature six autoclaves with work on 777X wing and empennage parts to start in 2017.

787 'surge' line at Everett to become early 777X production line
Boeing reaches firm configuration for 777-9
Boeing drops 'X' suffix

Boeing officially drops the ‘X’ suffix. The models are now dubbed Boeing 777-8 and Boeing 777-9, part of the Boeing 777X family.

GE starts ground tests GE9X
777X Composite Wing Center Opens
Boeing opens St. Louis facility
CTT Selected 777X Humidification Systems

CTT Systems selected to provide humidification systems for flight deck, crew rests and cabin zone A/B.

Boeing Releases Initial Data Boeing 777-9

Seating for the Boeing 777-9 has been set to 414 seats in two-class configuration and 349 seats in thee-class configuration.

Unidentified Customer Orders 20 Boeing 777-9s

This unidentified customer likely is Singapore Airlines.