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Sources state Boeing is proposing a stretched version of the Boeing 777-9, the Boeing 777-10X, to customers. The jet aims to compete with the Airbus A380.


About the Boeing 777-10X

The Boeing 777-10X will seat around 450 passengers. With the stretch, the jet maker directly targets the lower side of the Airbus A380 market and provides a Boeing 747-8I replacement.

Doug Alder, a Boeing spokesman, said the following:

“We are always evaluating technologies, airplane configurations and market needs. While no decisions have been made, we will continue to study 777X derivatives and seek customer input to develop products that provide the most value for customers”

The strongholders of the Boeing 777-10X will most likely be the advanced aerodynamics, an efficient propulsion system and optimization for the market of 450-seat aircraft. In comparison to an Airbus A380 with 450 seats, the Boeing 777-10X should be a lot more efficient.

The -10X will be a stretch of the Boeing 777-9, which will enter service in 2020. The Boeing 777-9 can carry around 400 seats. The Boeing 777-8 will be an ultra-long range 777X member with capacity of 350-375 seats. With the -10X, Boeing adds a third member to the Boeing 777X family aiming at the Gulf Carriers.