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The Boeing Company has confirmed that Singapore Airlines has committed to order aircraft of the Boeing 777X and Boeing 787 family.

Boeing gaining ground in Singapore Airlines fleet

In a battle with Airbus in which both jet makers pitched new aircraft concepts to Singapore Airlines, Boeing has eventually ended up on top. Boeing pitched the 450-seat Boeing 777-10X, while Airbus pitched the Airbus A350-2000.

Singapore has committed to neither of these ‘paper airplanes’ and is about to finalize deal with Boeing for the purchase of 19 Boeing 787-10s and 20 Boeing 777-9s. The deal is worth $13.8B according to Boeing list prices. The airline had previously already committed to the Boeing 787-10 of which it ordered 30 aircraft.

With the order for the Boeing 777X, Singapore Airlines becomes the 7th customer for Boeing’s new 777X family.

The order is an important one for Boeing, since Singapore Airlines had previously selected the Airbus A350 to some of its Boeing aircraft. With the order Boeing gains some ground in the future Singapore fleet.