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Boeing has completed the firm configuration for the Boeing 777X. Although the jet maker did not disclose any details about the design, reaching the stage of completing the basic design is an important milestone in the engineering process. Completion of the trade off study is required to start the detailed design. The fact that Boeing reached this milestone in time shows that the entire program is on track for its first delivery in 2020.

Ahead of the competition

The Boeing 777X builds forth on the highly successful Boeing 777. Although Boeing did not show any calculations the jet maker expects the Boeing 777X family to be 12% more fuel efficient (per seat) compared to the Airbus A350 and has 10% lower COC (cash operating costs).

Deliveries starting in 2020

To date Boeing has collected 320 commitments for the Boeing 777X,  while delivery of the model will commence in 2020. The fact that the preliminary design has been completed in time shows that it is unlikely that Boeing will experience major delays like it did on the Dreamliner program.

Finalizing the preliminary design also means that the engine diameter and thrust have been fixed. Given the fact that jet makers are promising  several percentage point advantage over the competition and a certain payload/range, the jet makers are forced to cut down in weight but often fail doing so.

GE already increased the specifications for the GE90X engines, which is an indication that the Boeing 777X is performing slightly worse than initially expected when it comes to its weight.