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The Boeing 777X was launched at the Dubai Airshow in November 2013. Boeing managed to gather 259 orders and commitments for its next generation Boeing 777 family, marking it the most successful launch in the history of commercial aviation in terms of value. The orders at commitments are valued at $95bn.


Customers For The Boeing 777X

In 2016 Boeing has secured no orders for the Boeing 777X and I do not expect this to change either, unless a deal between Boeing and Iran includes the Boeing 777X. The order inflow in 2014 was exceptionally high due to the order of 150 units from Emirates was finalized.

Analyzing the order book AeroAnalysis concluded that Emirates accounts for almost half of the total order inflow, followed by Qatar Airways with a share of 20%. The other airlines all have a share in the order book smaller than 10%. Sorting the order inflow by region, we observed that over 75% of the orders comes from the Middle East, followed by 13.5% from East Asia, 6.5% from Europe and 3% belongs to an undisclosed customer.