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EgyptAir has confirmed that EgyptAir Flight MS804, operating a flight from Paris to Cairo went missing above the Mediterranean Sea. On board were 10 crew members and 56 passengers. From what is currently known, the aircraft descended from its cruise altitude of 37,000ft to  10,000ft after which authorities lost track of the airplane. In between the aircraft made an unusual 90 degrees turn to the left, followed by a 360 degrees turn to the right. Debris have been found south of Crete, likely debris from the EgyptAir A320. EgyptAir has released a list with the nationalities of the passengers on board.


Update 1 (19th of May, 22:21): Greek officials say the the debris that was found in Meditteranean Sea do not belong to flight MS804

Update 2 (20th of May: 13:46): The Egyptian Army  has found debris belonging to flight MS804. The news is also confirmed by Greek officials

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