Boeing 797 Case Study

The Boeing 797 or NMA (New Mid-size Airplane) or MoM (Middle-of-Market) aircraft is one of the conceptual aircraft that has captured interest from aerospace analysts, investors and enthusiasts for years.
This detailed 80-page report, probably the only one of its kind at this moment, takes a deeper dive in the middle of the market space and considers the Boeing 797 from all possible sides to get an idea whether the development of a Boeing 797 or any alternative developments have any chance of being viable. Each aircraft in the market space and the history of these aircraft will be discussed as well as the requirements set by airlines for the NMA and demand for such aircraft or any of its alternatives.
In separate case studies, 4 aircraft developmentsĀ  will be treated:

  1. Boeing 797
  2. Boeing 757MAX+
  3. Boeing 767MAX+
  4. Boeing 767 (Production relaunch)

For each of these 4 possible aircraft developments, a simple demand profile, efficiency, mission operating costs, development costs and program profits will be discussed to assess the commercial viability of each development and value for airlines and The Boeing Company.

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