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Following a deal with jet maker Boeing, some comments have been made by Iranian officials about the deal with Airbus as well. Most noteworthy is that the Airbus A380 will not be ordered by Iran.

No Airbus A380 for Iran

Over the past months it had been rumored numberous times that the Airbus A380 might be dropped from the final contract all together.  This primarily was done by Iranian officials to speed up the process of finalizing the sales agreements.

On the 12th of December, Iran and Boeing agreed that the final order will consist of 80 aircraft. The deal is not finalized yet, but it had already become clear that the Boeing 747-8I would not be part of the deal.

This signficantly lowered expectations of a firm order for the Airbus A380 and just days after, the news broke that Iran Air indeed will not operate the Airbus superjumbo.